Monster. A 3 process monoprint.

I purposely left the monster in this print ambiguous so each person sees what they want to. I see a Sasquatch, others see an alien or a yeti.

I’m possibly going to make copies of this, ask me if interested.  

I’m selling prints. You know you want some.

Valetine’s Linocut - Process Valetine’s Linocut - Process Valetine’s Linocut - Process

My favorite print of the shells. It actually started out as misprint but I decided to a gradient over it and just kept doing that back and forth with each ink.

The final results of my first linocut. It’s a three color reductive print and I’m impressed with how it turned out. We’re moving on to intaglio now but I love the process of linocut so undoubtedly I will be doing some on my own.